A day out fishing

I’ve walked thousands of miles, been in the woods for weeks without seeing a soul. During these times I picked up some survival skills. Then you’re probably thinking “Ter must be a great fisherman.” Uh, well….

I never had the patience to sit still for hours. And last summer I had a good excuse not to go out fishing. I was to busy fixing up the homestead. But today I suddenly thought: “Let’s finally work on that missing bushcraft skill. How hard can it be?”

I think this is the first time I ever seen Annet pee in her pants laughing. At the first throw I get tangled up with my fishing rod. It is so bad that the mechanism gets totally stuck. Luckily I brought a spare. 7 metres long with fixed line. By the way, now it’s only 5 metres, sigh…

But I don’t give up easily. I manage to repair the spare rod and prepare the line. “Yahoo, finally my second throw,” I smile excited while the hook swings back, followed by a scream. “You have a catch ,” Annet shouts out laughing again with tears rolling over her face.

So the only fish I caught today was me. Totally frozen and lost I hang my head. Even my cat Diablo seems to feel bad for me. He gives me a cuddle and a sweet meow. “Let’s go home Diablo, tomorrow I will try again.” Did he role his eyes? That can’t be, I must have imagined that.

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