Picture of Annet doing laundry on a woodfire in the garden on the self-sufficient off-the-grid homestead of Back to basic Sweden.



Tax advisor for Dutch citizens abroad and foreigners in the Netherlands, former tax official and owner of Back to Basic Sweden.

I have a passion for growing food, farm animals and cooking.

I worked as a registered former official at the international tax service office in the Netherlands. Specialist as an informant for Individuals and small businesses. Besides of that I worked in health care and world wide tourist sector.

I traveled, lived and worked in countless countries around the globe. I have seen from up close how a lot of people struggle to survive. But somehow the most of them find a way to live happy.

I have visit tribes that only live from what the jungle and ocean has to offer; Farmers around the world that live without running water, gas and electricity using different techniques on the land with only handmade tools. Especially that interest me much.

I learned that we don’t need many things to be happy. I started to shed the urge of materialism to become more and more minimalistic. In meanwhile my knowledge and ingenuity about how to survive with just a little starts to grow.

I trained myself in how to survive in modern society, but even more about survival, bushcrafting, handcrafts, growing crops, conserving food, keeping farm animals and so on.

After a long time of dwelling around the globe and self education, I decided it is time to put my knowledge to the test. Sharing the same interest, Ter bought us a cabin in the woods where we begin to build a home farm from scratch. After a year the first animals start to thrive and beautiful crops are growing.

My challenge is to become self-sufficient within five years. A dream comming true.