Handyman, bushcraft-survival guide and owner of Back to basic Sweden.

I have worked in many countries; love to travel, snowboard, run, hike, bushcraft and do a good diy project. But most of all I enjoy to get lost in the high rough mountains and endless remote forests.

During my 15 years of traveling around the world, I worked several times as a volunteer. I did a 1200 km sponsor walk to collect money for a microfinance project in India; helped to build a bamboo school in the middle of the jungle and theached English to disadvantaged children in the dangerous restricted military zone of Myanmar-Thailand. Many of them lost their parents through (war)crime, landmine explosions and shootings. I have seen several children become victim of malaria, the youngest that had to buried was only 4 years young.

The birth of Back To Basic Sweden

Another interesting project I did together with Annet is to live and travel for six months on a average Cambodia and Laos income of 2,50 euro’s a day per person (This was in the year of 2009). But the most amazing adventures were the journeys off the beaten path. We visited villages deep in the untamed jungle (mainly without guides) of South-east Asia. Some of them never saw an European before.

I became inspired by the ingenuity of those people living deep in the jungle, far a way of civilization. Those people make their necessities from only natural products and the little they have. They call the jungle their free supermarket. But never they take more than what they need and give back to maintain the balance.

This form of knowledge and awareness helped me in my interest of bush-crafting, (urban) survival training and minimalistic lifestyle. It was the seed that became the idea and philosophy of Back To Basic Sweden.

Before I went to Sweden I started to work for a skyscraper-construction and medical-tech company to develop my hand skills and expand my knowledge. There is nothing better then to get paid for privat self study. Within three years I earned enough money to buy the property now known as Back To Basic Sweden.

Why I choose this life

One of the reasons I wanted to live on s self-sufficient off the grid homestead is that I can’t stand all the commercial input that makes the human so greedy. To much is consumed, taken for granted and literally going to waste. During my travels I seen coasts and beautiful landscapes change into a rubbish pile within years. It just makes me sad to see it happen.

I do hope that I’ll be an inspiration for y’all

That brings me to the Zero-waste hype. Even though I sincerely think the what the ‘Zero-Waste’ community try to achieve a noble goal, I believe it is also an unrealistic one. Unless you start running bud naked through the forrest, eating berries and learn how not to poop (hihi).

I think words like ‘waste-minimalism’ or ‘waste-neutral’ are more suitable. I like to put those together and call myself a waste-neutral minimalist. I try to reuse, recycle and only buy the necessities to lead a healthy life. Because I believe that the less we buy the less we pollute. And if I do buy, I take subjects like (biologically degradable) packing, CO2-neutral production, recycling, etc in account.

I Also believe we don’t have to get rid of all our of technology. As long as we use it peaceful, wise and with awareness, there can be balance with nature.

The above written are some of the reasons I choose to live the way I do. I am not saying it is all perfect or that you have to, but I do hope that I’ll be an inspiration for y’all.