vlag NL

About us

The beginning

We have been dreaming to build up a homestead from scratch to start an self-sufficient life off-the-grid. Somewhere deep in the forest in balance with nature. A place far away from the pressure and stress of modern society.

This idea has been formed in the 18 years that we travelled around the globe. We lived and worked in many countries, giving us the opportunity to learn about different cultures, tourism and construction.

We volunteered for projects like Prime trust in India and even helped to set the ‘little school in the jungle’ run by local volunteering women at the border of Myanmar on the map.

One really amazing three month challenge was to live and travel with a ‘five dollar a day’ budget. This is the income of a regular person living in Laos and Cambodia. This forced us to survive like the people living in these countries and fully experience the local life including the laughs, tears and hardships.

We learned a lot about bush craft and outdoor survival during our long distance thru hikes (no wheels or hitch hiking). Most of the time we lived for days even weeks on end under the sun and stars. No more than our clothes on and a pack loaded with only some food, water filter, tarp, rope, knife, fire flint, raingear and emergency kit.

Some of the 500+ kilometres hikes worth mentioning are:

  • The southwest coast path (UK) – 1200+ km;
  • The 5th minute line: North to the cape and back ( classic route) in Scotland’s  Highlands – 900+ km;
  • The Lycya yolu in Turkey – 500+ km;
  • The Canarian Islands – many weeks and many miles;
  • Te Araroa north bound in New Zealand – 3000+ km;

One thing I have learned from all my travels is that where ever you come from or whoever you are, the most of us just want to be happy, have a peaceful and healthy life, a safe place to live, and a full belly.

Time to realise the dream

Many times people tried to give us reasons why our dream to start a self-sufficient homestead off the grid can’t become true. But of course, these comments in combination with our stubbornness made us to want it even more.

We believe that by seeing what is possible instead of what is not, everyone can achieve more than one would think. And by not trying you have already failed anyway.

That is how we ended up living in a homemade tiny camping car in the cold of Swedish early spring. We kept a notebook with all the information we needed for the emigration. You are free to use it. Emigration notebook (Dutch.)

We washed our clothes in the still icy lakes and cooked our meals on wood fire. After freezing our buts off for weeks, we finally find our dream location. It ended up to be a nerve wrecking bidding war. But when we won, we roared our victory like true vikings.

And that is it where it all begins…