How do you collect water for household purposes – life off-the-grid


Learn what it is like to live off-the-grid without tapwater. In this short movie I explain how we collect water for household and sanitary purpose.

In an other post I explained how we collect drinkingwater in winter. In summer we use the rain to quench our thirst and that of our farm animals.

What you probably don’t expect is that our region is extremely dry. We have to save every rain drop and handle it with care. Our lifes of our animals and us literally depend on it. Many times we experienced thirsty days. So we use a different source for household and sanitary purposes.

There is a swamp with a slow flow in it about 60 meters from our house. This water contains a high amount of minerals and metals. In the last 200 hundred years several deaths have been registred of locals that drunk from the wrong stream in this region.

It is better not drink the water of the stream, because boiling or a regular filter doesn’t take out the potential deathly substances. But for other purposes it should be fine, like doing dishes, washing clothes and sanitary purposes it is great.

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