The challenge has begun.

Yesterday was our last chance to get all the stuff we need to complete the 5 months challenge. We arrived home late. We had to empty the car in a pitch dark evening. The thick rainy clouds took away the little bit of light the stars normally would provide.

The last load.

We bought a lot of kilo’s flour so we can bake flat-bread; chocolates to keep us warm for when the nights become freezing cold; a box with biscuits as a treat and to use it in the emergency stash.

Also some of the chocolates and noodle soups go to the second cabin to put it in the emergency package. This food stays eatable for a long time even when the date expires (Not sure about the biscuits in original packing after it has been frozen and defrosted for a couple of times.) The packing won’t break when it freezes because the food hardly contain water.

I will share more about our emergency kit including pictures on a future post.

A fresh start.

For the first week we brought fresh food. In that way we make a strong start. There is a camping car fridge in the cabin, but we have never used it. Gas is to expensive and the solar panels don’t provide enough energy (I think). I am not sure if that thing even works at all, so we have decided to take it out after winter. For now we use it as a regular cabinet.

Anyway, we have bought fresh meat. I keeping it in the little shed outside. In that way it is protected against predators. At this moment temperatures rise to max 12 degrees Celsius. The meat will stay fresh for approximately one week.

Last summer we used buckets of water from the stream to cool the meat down. The water was refreshed daily, sometimes twice depending on the temperatures. In that way we could preserve the fresh meat for at least a week. Of course we cook the food thoroughly to kill all existing bacteria.

The kick off

We didn’t bring any vodka because this adventure is just a practice. O.k. that’s a lie. To be honest, the liquor-stores that are monopolized by the government are closed on Sundays. I totally forgot about that 😩.

So this was the strongest we could legally buy at the supermarket. A couple of beers containing 3.5% alcohol. With a cheerful tshhhh, we celebrated last midnight the kick off of the 5 month prep-challenge for winter 2021/22.

  • No more shopping
  • No use of the car
  • live of what we have prepped
  • Obtaining missing goods through trading.

Wish us good luck, the challenge has begun

Days going: 1.

Days left to go: 150 (April 1st 2022)

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