Why we do the winter prep-challenge?

Why you do the 5 month winter prep-challenge and what has it to do with Back to basic Sweden? These questions are regularly asked by our readers.

To start, we love challenges.

One of our sayings is:”It is not a challenge if many went before you.” One example of such a challenge is walking the through hike of Te araroa (northbound) in New Zealand.

It took us a little less than Six months to walk the full length of 3000+ kilometres without using any means of transport. We carried no more than our clothes on and had a backpack with in it: an emergency beacon, first aid kit, a tarp as shelter, down- and rain gear, sleeping bag, water filter, stove, cooking pot, fire flint, hunting knife, spoon, compass, mobile phone with maps and GPS, solar charger and food for the long stretches between the stocking points. And of course we gave after each stretch notice to our contact person that we made it in one peace.

And of course that was not all. That year we walked multiple long distance hikes with a total of 5000 plus kilometres. Like I said: “We love to do a challenge!”

To learn in a save way for the future.

As second reason is, to survive the winter in Sweden on a self-sufficient off the grid homestead without a car, it is important to make good preparations.

By pre-stocking (prepping) of food and goods we can find out in a relatively safe way about what to expect to survive the winter on our homestead. Especially when temperatures can drop down into the minus twenties and there is a real risk of being cut off from the outside world by snow for a longer period of time. This can become even more serious in case of sickness or an accident.

So the reason of this all is to learn about how much food we need to grow and conserve in the future to become full year round self sufficient and how to prepare for winter with only the necessities.

I have many more questions. Can you answer them?

You will find a lot of answers about our vision and way of living on the homepage of backtobasicsweden.nl and our blog.

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