De Moestuin van Robbert – Robbert’s kitchen garden

I wont lie. I was looking for people who want to exchange seeds for a little bit of advertising on my website. But no big companies and not just anyone. Why?

I think it is important to support the individu instead of the giant profit focused companies, someone that loves their hobby more than the money. These kind of persons share their knowledge with passion and deliver their product with quality. I believe they deserve it to be in the spotlights.

So I start to do some research on the web. I talk with many great people. I like to help them all, but I have to make a choice. And that is how I found De moestuin van Robbert (Robbert’s kitchen garden).

About Robbert

Robbert, a friendly man with hart and soul for his hobby is specialised in biological grown seed multiplication. He has an huge garden in which he grows an unbelievable width variety of species. All natural and biological approved.

De Moestuin van Robbert is a member of the N.A.K. (Dutch general inspectionservice), making sure that the seeds are of the best quality. The seeds that need to be registered have a passport, so you can receive them without any legal worries everywhere in Europe, even in Sweden.

What also raised my intrest is that Robbert tries to reduce the impact on nature, a subject that has finally become more populair in the recent years. For example he uses a kind of press to make earth cubes for pre-sowing. In that way you reduce the need of plastic pots. Also I noticed the paper-window envelope and paper-tape on the post package. And that is why I would like to say: “Robbert, nice to see you work on reducing the impact on nature. Keep up the good job and keep on developing.”

I learn to know Robbert as a person with a lot of knowledge. It doesn’t matter what I ask him, he seems to know the answer. When I was looking for advice of what will grow best in my region of sweden, Robbert filled right away a box with seeds that will do great and some that will be a bit more of a challenge for my climate zone.

So if you want to buy good quality seeds in Holland, but not sure what will grow best in your region of Sweden for example, just ask Robbert.

A bit of Robbert’s kitchen garden garden in Sweden.

There are so many crops I so badly want to grow on my farm. Unless I go ‘unnatural’ and ‘chemical’ the region I live in reduces the succes in varieties enorm. On top of that is the earth not jet in balance, because we cleared it only recently.

You understand now that I need the best seeds and advice to make my farm work. And it must, because we depend on it. So thank you Robbert for the good deal and raising my chance on success.

Important notice

After talking with Robbert and seeing how he works, I really believe he delivers good quality of seeds. Otherwise I would never have approached him.

My garden has more unfavourable than favourable factors to make growing crops a succes. On top of that we live in the middel of the forest between the insects, birds, mice and big game like deer and moose. To make it even harder we also live off-the-grid (without electricity and water connection) and only use basic handtools.

For sure it won’t be an easy task. So it is needed to be said that any failure will probably be due to the situation we live in or our own doings.

Succes or empty bellies – stay posted

Like to know if we end up with empty bellies or succeed with the seeds of de moestuin van Robbert, at Hoffman Zaden of my website you find all the related posts.

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