Hej Suus, välkommen till familjen


We recieved many beautiful reactions after Annet placed a request if anyone wanted to trade wool and yarn. One of these persons that responded is the lovely Mrs. Suzie.

Eventhough she is a great crocheter and knitter herselve, she decides to donate us bags full of the great stuff. “I have a attic full, to much for me alone. If I can make anyone happy with that, why not…” she writes.

Suzies doughter happens to live near my mother. So decides to send the wool and yarn with her doughter. After my mom picks up the two giant bags, she calls me right away: “I never expected this. So much and also quality material. How sweet, I am very moved by this gift. You are sure Suzie doesn’t want to have anything in return for it.” But Mrs. Suzie is sure about that.

Chicken no name 2

Eventhough Mrs Suzie doesn’t want to have anything in return for it, I want to show my thanks and appreciation for this beautiful gesture. Suddenly I remember that I have two chickens that still have no name. And that is how it happens: “Mrs. Suzie do you like to name a chicken?”

Without hesitation she decides: “Het wordt Suus.” So chicken noname 2, welcome to the Back to Basic family. From now on we call you Suus.

mamma’s corner

My mum startet knitting right away to help me fill the loppis with handicrafts. So with a bit of luck I can already open up this early summer.

I am going to visit my family around April and will bring back the wool and yarn to Sweden along with mamma’s handiworks. These are going to be sold in a special corner: ‘Het mamma’s hoekje’ (The mamma’s corner.)

It was originally the plan to save the money for a ticket for my mom so she can visit me in Sweden. But she doesn’t want to know about it: “No I don’t want to hear about it. I want you to keep the money!”

But I have anyway decided that it will stay the mamma’s corner, because instead I will save the money for the next year to visit my mom in Holland. She is so happy to hear about that, that she started to knit faster and more than ever before.

So one last time, on behalf of Back to Basic Sweden, my mother, Suus and us: “Tack så mycket.”

With love, all of us.

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