Ducks for bunnies and water for bread.

We have a bunch of bunnies ready to leave the nest. And because we are in the middle of the prep challenge, we decided to trade them.

Luck brings us together with Merel. She also begun to start up a homestead since the beginning of this year. And a farm without bunnies is of course not to be called complete. Next summer she wants to extend their farm with homebred ducks, exactly what we are looking for.

So a deal is made: 5 baby bunnies in exchange for, depending on the species, one couple or three young ducks.

‘Souper duper’

We invite the family of 5 to our home. Because nothing in Sweden is around the corner we decide to cook them some home made bread with soup brewed on the fireplace. It is only then that I start to realise we don’t have for more than two persons cutlery.

So a next kind of last minute deal was made. “I know it is not a regular thing to ask, but please, can you bring your own cutlery. And you want to trade the soup and bread for some water?” Annet asks. “No worries, I will,” Merel replies with full understanding, knowing about our living situation and challenge. Isn’t that super duper

If you paid attention, you must have noticed that we have to wait till summer to round off the deal. So Annet thought: “We can use this to make a temporary deal, so let’s trade for something we can not buy right now 😁.”

Plus one minus one makes…

And that is how we ended up dancing around a candle with the sound of the crackling antenna radio on batteries wide open. “That’s a plus one minus one (on the prep-list.)” Annet starts singing.

We traded the bunnies for a bottle of whisky to trade next summer the same drink for the ducks. I can tell you: “writing stories on a mobile with a hangover doesn’t make a person feel very good. But it was a hell of a mini party.”

Today is a good day to take the day off. The thermometer points -15 anyway. Nice moment to sit around the fireplace with a good book and to study some Swedish.

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