How do you collect drinkingwater in the winter? – life off-the-grid


In this short instagram movie I explain one of the ways we collect drinkingwater in the winter on our self-sufficient off-the-grid homestead.

“Ones one has experienced thirst, it becomes something that instills fear.”

Collecting drinkingwater off-the-grid in winter is a complete different challenge. No snow simply means no drinkingwater.

You need about 40 liters of compact snow to gain around 10 liters of water. It takes about two full days to melt it next to the woodstove. For that we use special containers that can handle temperatures between -40 and 100°C indirect heat.

An other way is to collect frozen water out of the rain catcher that has been left from the last rainfall before the first frost. but that will only work in the first weeks of winter. And that are about all the choices we have.

To make the water drinkable we cook it throughout for 15 minutes on the indoor fireplace and also use a homemade water filtration system as you can see in the movie.

What you probably won’t expect is that we live in a very dry region. The water in the streams are to rich on minerals and metals. Therefore we must save every drop and handle it with care like our lives and that of our farm animals are depending on it, because it does.

Learn more about how we collect water for household and sanitary purposes on our self-sufficient off-the-grid homestead.

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