“Vår nya postlåda” – How to register a mailbox in Sweden

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Annet called the main office of Postnord to ask how we can register our mailbox. It went actually fairly easy and fast.

“Hej, det är Annet. Forlåt, jag taler bara litte Svenska, men kan du kanske yelpa mig i Engelska?” The friendly costumer server immediately starts talking in fluent englisch. Everytime again it amazes me how well many Swedish can speak this language.

He explains me that I just need to send my request per e-mail to kundservice.se@postnord.com And so I start typing: “Hello, I like to register my postbox. This is my name and address. Can you contact me where I can place it? With regards Annet.” I copy paste the text into a translation machine and push the button to send the Swedisch version.

Within a hour I recieve a confirmation mail with the case number and that they are coing to contact me within five workingdays. The next day already Postnord replies:”Hej Annet, we will sent your request to the local postoffice, they will handel the case.”

a couple of days later I get a friendly mail in English with the phone number of Thomas from the local postoffice. And ofcourse it wouldn’t be Sweden if he hadn’t jet heard about us. When I call, he says: “Hej Annet. You are the one that bought the house with the chappel, haven’t you? You can place the mailbox at crossroad next to the others.” He also asks me if I like to recieve ads. But for obvious reasons I friendly decline. As you probably already know I try to be a waste-nutral-minimalist.

Buy or make a wooden letterbox?

Eventhough we prefer to make our own wooden letterbox, it would be a bad idea in our case. At first, our mailbox is not around the corner so the letters will sometimes sit there for a while. As second, now being in the integration procces, we will recieve to many important documents. We can’t take the risk of them getting wet.

So before Annet hangs up she asks Thomas what the best place is to buy a letterbox. “At our postoffice,” he smiles: “It is always better to buy local. In that way you support the community. We are also very cheap.” And Thomas isn’t lying.

There is not really a choice l, but if you need a decent letterbox the local main postoffice it is the place to be. They only costs 100,- KR (10,- euros) and it doesn’t look bad at all. For me personally I like it to have not the stress of choosing which one of the thousands I need.

Eventhough plastic definitely would be my last choice, the mailbox box is made of durable recycled PP that can withstand the cold harsh winters of Sweden. The Poly Prop has recycle tag 5♻. It means that it is one of the best recyclable materials.

We are ready for mail

It is common that if your house is build off the grid, you place your mailbox at the nearest corner at the edge of the village. In our case that cornor of the street is 4km away. So Ter loads his backpack with carpenter tools, the homemade wooden brackets and ofcourse the letterbox. We hike the four kilometres to the boxstand, place our letterbox, wave to the neighbors and walk back home again.

I cant wait till the postman will bring me my first letter.

“Tack alla på Postnord för ert goda och vänliga bemötande.”

(I hope that is good Swedish.)

Annet & Ter

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