Enjoying a rainy day

The day is grey, dark and rainy. Perfect for taking a hard deserved rest and to catch rain for our drinking water supply.

The farm animals seems to enjoy the rain, they are playing around in the mud. All the creepy crawlies surface with this kind of weather, making it a eating fest for the chickens. Except for the cats. They are cuddling together in front of the cozy fireplace.

We are working very hard preparing the farm for upcoming spring to grow fruit and vegetables. Working with only hand tools takes a lot of energy of us. Our muscles are sore so we really need a day or two off. No better day than to pick a rainy day like this one.

Days like these I like to learn swedish and all kinds of other skills; I design and plan new projects; Make some puzzles to keep that brain working; And take some time to work on the website, at least as long as the battery let me.

In the meantime Annet is dreaming away with the seeds in front of her, planning the garden layout and making notes in the farm logbooks. She also tries out new recipes and new crocheting patterns.

The rainwater is sterilising on the fireplace so that we have our daily drinking water. And because it is boiling anyway, I’m going to make us some coffee with home baked cookies now.

So, enjoy your day and see you later.

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