Escaping the containment

Off the grid prep-challenge winter 2021 – 2022 has begun

The chaos

“Keep your head cool,” I repeat to myself. The situation is manic. People are running around everywhere. “He’s got one on him,” a man shouts, while holding someone in an orange containment suit and mask on. “Give it to me,” he goes on. The look on his face scares me a lot.

A group of people with baseball bats, knives and guns are jumping on top of the person in orange and start tearing her alive. I know it is a she, because the screams of pain are unbearable to listen to. This isn’t me. I can’t be a part of this, so I move on quickly.

It seems almost impossible to escape the fierce searchlights of the deafening helicopters. There are snipers everywhere shooting countles rounds off bullets. One even hits my backpack throwing me off my feet.

The escape

Being in numbers means strength. So when this all started, Annet an I decided to join a group. But in this case I am beginning to believe we have made a mistake. As a group we are to visible making us an easy target. We decide to split up from the rest and take a run.

We run…run towards the silence…. run for our lives. When I look back, I see in the distance how the people we left drop like sandbags. One by one with each popping sound. The sight makes my stomach turn and I have to throw up.

We keep on running… running into the darkness…running to safety. My lungs are burning and my legs hurt. I can’t go on any more. We have been fleeing since midnight and dawn sets in. I haven’t  heard or seen a soul for the last two hours. I wonder if we are safe now, because we still have a long way to go.

I have a small radio in my emergency pack. Luckily the bullet just misted it. “beep, beep, beep… This is an emergency message. This is not a drill…I repeat this is not a drill… every one without clearance has to stay inside… close windows and doors…Help will come soon…Not keeping to the quarantine will result in to serious consequences… beep, beep, beep…” The messages keeps on repeating on every frequency.

The hide out

We decide to go to our hide out. Near a small farmers village I manage to steal a little Daihatsu cuore with Dutch plates on. It has just enough gasoline to take us where we want. On the way we see burned cars and bodies on the the road. We only take forest roads to avoid any contact.

We have been prepping for this and enough hidden gear to protect ourselves. The place is off the grid somewhere deep in the Swedish forests. With a small solar panel and plenty of stash we can keep up for at least five months.

The forest cabin is hard to reach and hardly any person knows about it. Snow can make the dirt road unreachable for months. So a good thing that winter is on our doorstep…

Note! Even though the challenge is real, the introduction story is for entertainment purposes only. It is a spin-off based on the movie Containment produced by Niel Mcenery-west at 2015.

You can watch it down here embedded from sci-fi central on youtube:

The five month off the grid Prep challenge

When & Where

The challenge starts on 1 November 2021 and will end on 1 April 2022, with a total of 151 days

It will take place Somewhere in Swedish Värmland. For obvious reasons we can’t tell where.

About the location.

We live off the grid deep in the forests of Sweden. The only energy supply is from two small solar panels and drinking water is supplied by rain.

Our nearest neighbour lives about four kilometres away along a dirt road. The nearest supermarket is about 8 kilometres and takes up to 30 minutes by car.

The temperatures in winter can go down below minus twenty degrees Celsius. Being snowed in for a long period of time can therefore be a serious risk.

The rules

  • Don’t use the car
  • No grocery shopping
  • Only live on what we have prepped and what is provided by nature.

We will have minimal contact with the outside world. For the sake of the story we will call our friends and visitors wanderers.

Live stock list

On this list you can read what we have prepped. It includes a live overview of what we are using during the challenge.

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