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We offer you an unique opportunity to experience life on a self-sufficient off-the-grid homestead in Sweden. Have a peak in our way of living and learn all about our vision.

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Enjoy your off-the-grid homestay experience from €27,50 p.p. / p.n.

Survival-bushcraft and bugout training in Sweden from €49,- p.p. / p.d.

About us

Building up a homestead from scratch and start an self-sufficient life off-the-grid in balance with nature. A place far away from the pressure and stress of modern society.

We have been dreaming to live like this for a very long time, but on the other hand, who doesn’t…

The back to basic philosophy

Take a step back to move forward

“Do not long for what can’t be, do not force with violence to get what you want.  
Enjoy what is already in front you instead and use this to achieve your goal.
Take no more than you need and always give back equally.

Our vision

By becoming aware and self-sufficient there is no longer a need for overconsumption of goods, reducing the need of factories, transportation and pollution.

A simple life and working hard for your needs, leads to appreciation. No longer longing for more, gives us peace of mind.

This is how we find freedom in these times…

To understand our vision

Let’s ask ourselves the following questions;

Did you know that most of the human existence no one ever heard about electricity in their homes, let stand plastic cups, cars or a mobile phone?

It seems like all these modern things make life better and easier but does it really? Have you seen the consequences of our needs and behaviour ?

It led to overconsumption, pollution, deforestation, mass extinction, stress, disorder, greed and war, always pointing our finger to others… We are destroying our precious home called earth.

Being realistic, I don’t say we have to do without modern technology at all. But we can for sure do with a lot less and use it in a more mindful way.

The effectuation

We believe that with our philosophy “take a step back to move forward” we can create awareness and make a change.

So we bought 0,4 hectares of forest with a tiny house (28 sqm.), chapel and barn on the property. Except for a small dirt road the location is totally off the grid. Our nearest neighbour lives about 4 km away.

With endless resources of the forest we can craft, grow and build. It provides us and our animals of food.

Even though we have to take the law and government in mind, we can achieve a lot of independency by farming the land, eco tourism and exchanging goods.

Except for some obligations and necessities we only need a little to keep the farm running.

In this way we become more and more independent and cut back our waste production to a bare minimum.

To realize an independent life off the grid some of the following keywords comes to mind:

  • Minimal waste
  • zero footprint
  • recycling
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Farming
  • Homestead
  • Conserving
  • Prepping
  • Inventiveness
  • Natural resources
  • Handicrafts
  • Awareness
  • mind-set
  • Open mind
  • Reconsideration
  • Exchanging goods

” Exchanging goods is my favourite way to obtain food and things the farm can’t provide… “

Our goal

  • Bringing back waste production to a bare minimum.
  • Being self-reliant by growing biological food and keeping animals.
  • Only buy what we need with zero waste in mind.
  • Reuse materials whenever possible and otherwise recycle
  • Leaving a minimal footprint
  • The use of natural resources for handicraft and to build
  • Keeping modern technology to a minimum.

Our  challenge is to reach this goal before the winter of  2026. Your help, ideas and support to realize this achievement are warmly welcome.

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The back to basic Sweden experience

Always wanted to know what it’s like to live off the grid? Are you able to survive a night in the forest? Up for a challenge? Check now if you are the right person to apply for one of our activities.

Homestay experience summer 2022

We offer you the chance to experience our daily life on the homestead. Enjoy the remoteness and relaxation of the forest while you cook your drinking water on a wood fire.

The Woodland cabin is far away from the non stop ringing mobile phones and noisy traffic. Some people say that the nights are so quiet, you can hear your own heartbeat.

You have the possibility to go out for a hike or mountain biking. Float on one of the many lakes and do some fishing. There is even the opportunity to pick berries and mushrooms right in front of your door (season depending.)

Maybe you just want to relax. Finally reading the last pages of that one book while swinging on the hill in a hammock. Do you prefer to do some heavy workouts, you are welcome to chop wood or help out on the farm.

What ever you decide, you’ll go back home a different person with tons off new experiences.

Survival-bushcraft & bugout experience

This training session is not for the faint hartet. Ter has set up a program that suits the novice to hardcore bushcrafter and survivalist.

Take the opportunity to develop your bush craft and survival skills in the field. Under the save guidance of Ter, your experienced guide, you will wander deep into the forest.

We supply you with the basic emergency gear like a knife, fire flint, compass, rescue blanket, ropes and military tarp-poncho.

Also for the preppers I have set up an hardcore bug-out training session. As soon as you arrive we escape into the forest to survive two or three days from solely what you have prepared in your bug-out bag back home.

How you can help to keep the dream alive

Do you enjoy the project and like to support to help us succeed? Than the next part is written for you.

For the on coming years there is a lot of work to do before we can achieve our goal. There are many ways you can help us. Below we offer you some suggestions.

For you to know: Earning money is not our main goal. We do not mean to make any profit. We just need enough income to keep the place running.

Book a back to basic experience

By booking a back to basic experiences you support the farm with keeping the buildings and its financial obligations.

Buy souvenirs and handicrafts at the loppis

You can help us out by visiting the loppis (Swedish garage sale) at the Penttinska chapel and buy some souvenirs, handicrafts and fresh fruit in the summer.

Exchanging goods

This my favourite way to get food and goods the farm can’t provide. We like to trade souvenirs, handicrafts, chickens, eggs, bunnies, fruits and vegetables for goods like milk, grain, butter, meat, farming tools, nails, screws and on…

Please, if you like to trade contact us for the possibilities and what we need.

Become a back to basic volunteer

Check our blog and newsletter regularly if there is a call for help on the farm.

Please contact us for more information.

Gifts and donations

There is a possibility to sponsor hay, food and medicines for the farm animals. You can help us by donating seeds and (used) farming tools. We happily receive milk, grains, butter and other necessities that momentarily can’t be supplied by our farm

This is not our primary goal, but if you prefer to donate money for a specific purpose, please contact us to discuss the options.

We believe that transparency is important, that’s why we offer the option to register your donation.

These are our back to basic family members:

You’ll find regular updates and pictures on Instagram/thuisboerderij under #backtobasicswedenname.


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