So won so run

Enough water today, it’s pouring rain. To our brief joy.

After more than a month of extreme drought, there is barely a drop of drinkable water left. We have consumed no more than 1.5 liters per person per day in the past week.

The consequences of this are clearly noticeable. We are literally sick of it. It will take a few more days before we are fully recovered from the blow. Fortunately today there is rain.

Until I find out that I forgot to close the tap of the collection vessel. It is estimated that we have lost a total of more than 50 liters of water. Good for at least 10 days of drinking fluid.

All baking pots and pans are now outside to catch every drop. Lucky for us, there is still a storm front on the way, according to the forecast.

We will probably get off well this time, but a wise lesson for next time.

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