The frost accident! How to solve slippery stairs.

Last week there was an unsuspecting frost… after rainfall… and Annet has to go to the toilet… the right combination for a disaster.

In the middle of the night a huge kaboom wakes me up followed by a silence. When I realise that Annet is not next to me in bed a short thought comes up: “I should have organised that life insurance!” Followed by: “Why is it so quiet!?”

My hart beats in my throat when I open the door to the porch. In the moonlight I see a vague shadow  limping away. “Are you oke?” I ask worried. “I am fine,” she answers followed by a moan.

The next morning we explore Annet’s buttocks. She must have a high paintrashhold, because there is a huge glowing Easter egg on it.

Time to solve the problem. The same day I staple chicken wire on the surface off the stairs. It works like a charm.

This true story is written to thank my pals on the zelfvoorzienend Facebook group for their good tips and ideas.

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