The homestead

The off-the-grid house on the self-sufficient homestead of Back to basic Sweden.


The house was build by Penti in the 1960’s with the wood from the local forest. You can find a small barn, traditional Finish sauna and the Penttinska Kapallet.

The lonely forestroad to the self-sufficient off the grid homestead of Back to basic Sweden.

We bought the property in 2021. eventhough the buildings were still in good shape, the land is full with huge rocks and scrub. A lot of work needs to be done to turn the place in a working self-sufficient homestead. You can read all about it on our blog.

A self-sufficient life means freedom but also long dayd of hard labour, even during winter. But meanwhile the bills must be payed. And that is why we decided to turn the Finish sauna into a guest cabin for the Back to Basic Sweden homestay experience.