The Moestuinhippie – a new journey begins

My friend Jacqueline has a beautiful folks garden on the edge of Goes in Zeeland (Netherlands.) I always call her the Moestuinhippie. Not because she looks like one, but because she likes to think out of the box, loves to experiment with her garden and dare to grow plants of wich most gardeners wouldn’t even try because of the great risk of failure.

Growing flowers, kitchen herbs and vegetables is her love and life, she is really good at it too. Moestuin hippie seems to have a great passion for tomatoes. I have never seen someone growing so many different kinds. Some species I even have never heard of. 

If Moestuinhippie has a good year of a certain plant and she believes it is strong, she likes to share the seeds with the world for only a tiny price.

The proposal

I decided to write her: “Hej, dear Moestuinhippie. Would you like to go on a experimental ‘journey’ with me and try some of your seeds here in sweden (swedish sub-zone 4/5).  It won’t be easy.”

And like I said, Moestuinhippie is a gardner by hart and really loves to experiment. The words: “Not easy” were enough, so she didn’t need to think twice.

Within a week the envelope with seeds already arrived in my letterbox. As always is unwrapping the package a fest on its own. It is beautifully decorated and labeled with handwritten cards. Moestuinhippie really puts a lot of time and attention in it.

Let the journey begin

This is so exciting, I started preparing the planting right away. Because this is the first year after we cleared the land, the consistency of the earth in my garden is far from perfect. I am preparing the earth by using only natural products that I can find in the forest and on my farm. So I think it will need a year or more to become balanced.

I am sure the seeds will sprout, but if they can survive in my garden they must be of good quality and really strong. If that is the case I believe they will grow nearly everywhere on the world.

Follow our adventure

Join us on this awesome adventure. Type #moestuinhippie in the searchbar of my website to find all the posts.

Like to learn about my friend Moestuinhippie? You can read all about her on instagram.

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