The Penttinska Kapellet a phonecell to the gods

Penttinska chapel in winter built by Penti

The name of the chapel is a play of words with the name Penti. It was build in 2006 by who else than Penti himself.

After Penti finished the building of the chapel he wanted to become a legal wedding registrar. So he decided to do a course. Eventually he bounded two couples in marriage.

Penti also loved to do a performance. He even made schedules and invitations to lure the curious villagers to the chappel. I had the luck to find the original handwritten speech for the grand opening of the chapel. If someone is able to translate it I would be very thankful.

The architecture of the chapel

The chapel is a miniature of an traditional Swedish church. There is even a clocktower that we sound every morning to thank the universe for a new dayand who or whatever watches over us. It is not that I am religious, but just in case if. You never know.

The outside walls are painted with the traditional “rodfärg” complimented with white ornate curved window frames. The heavy dark door has an antique lock.

When you walk in you directly notice the colourful symbols of many religions. A short explanation is written below it. They have all been carefully crafted by the hands of Penti. And that brings me to the next question.

Why did Penti build the chapel?…

Some say he built the chapel to tease the religious villagers. Others say because he was looking for the truth. I believe that the answer is somewhere in the middle. But I also like to think that he tried to make a point. What do you make of it?

Anyhow for me it has become a symbol of freedom, tolerance, love and respect, wherever one comes from or whatever one believes.

I’m not sure if he believed in the god(s) or was religious at all. What ever the reason was for building this chapel, this is what Penti said:

“They all tell me that there is a god. I tried to speak to all of them. I did many times. But never I received an answer.

So I decided to build this chapel, a phonebooth to connect with the universe. I don’t know to which one I need to call. To be sure I carefully crafted the symbols of all the religions I know about.

I made the call, I prayed and meditated. But there is still no anwser.”

A last word

Next to the chappel stands a stone carved with the letters “Här vil…” They are part of the words “Här vilar mitt minne“, here rest my memories. He never had the chance to finish it.

In memory of Penti

"Här vilar mitt minne"
the stone carved by Penti
the carved stone of Penti
Här vilar mitt minne

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